Adequate amendment of the EU VAT directive important to boost the circular economy

Ecopreneur.eu responses to European Commission Public Consultation on the reform of VAT rates: Ecopreneur.eu calls for amendment of the EU VAT Directive 2006/112/EC to allow a low VAT rate for circular goods and.. read more


Circular Economy: Comment on European VAT reform

11.01.2017 · In: Circular Economy, Positions

ENDS Europe, Europe’s environmental news and information service, published an article on the proposed VAT reform. The article includes a statement of Ecopreneur.eu concerning the important role the assocation sees for economy-wide.. read more


Position on the draft Simona Bonafè report on amendment of the Waste Directive

20.06.2016 · In: Positions

Ecopreneur.eu welcomes the first draft report by Simona Bonafè dated 24.5.2016 on the proposal for a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Directive 2008/98/EC on waste.. read more

Extended Producer Responsibility

Improvement of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) crucial for circular economy

05.04.2016 · In: Circular Economy, Positions

Berlin / The Hague, 4 April 2016 Ecopreneur.eu and its member organizations believe that Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is crucial for realizing the circular economy. As stated in our general.. read more


Green Action Plan for SMEs: opportunities and challenges

The European Commission has recently published the Green Action Plan for SMEs: opportunities and challenges. The overall aim of the Green Action Plan is to enable green SMEs to turn.. read more

Delegation Brüssel

Ambitious targets and consumer incentives needed for circular economy

02.12.2015 · In: Circular Economy, Positions

Ecopreneur.eu and its member organizations believe that the Circular Economy[1] holds many opportunities for the European Union and the national states. It is estimated that the Circular Economy can create.. read more

Free Trade: Why do SMEs fear TTIP?

25.11.2015 · In: Green Economy, Positions, Trade Policy

In the confrontation between promoters and opponents of the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), it is difficult to hear the voice of the SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)… read more

TTIP Freihandelsabkommen USA EU

TTIP a benefit for SMEs?

EU Commission report one-sided, incomplete and misleading Berlin, 1 June 2015. Ecopreneur.eu, the European umbrella organization of national green economy associations, is criticizing the latest EU Commission report on small.. read more


Business frontrunners call for strengthened Circular Economy Package

21.05.2015 · In: Green Economy, Positions, Press Releases

Brussels, 21.5.2015: Today a coalition of business associations, representing thousands of businesses, called for a strengthened Circular Economy Package, based on political leadership and ambitious policies on waste prevention. The.. read more


European Association of Green Business: TTIP, ISDS, no, thank you!

22.01.2015 · In: Green Economy, Positions

Ecopreneur.eu, the alliance of European green business associations, opposes the planned free-trade agreement between the EU and the USA, and intransparent investor-protection agreements in general. If TTIP comes as is.. read more