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Eurodistrict Strasbourg-Ortenau: The beginning of a German-French networking project

Strasbourg, Paris, Berlin (11.04.2017): Representatives of the green economy in Germany and France agreed on cross-border cooperation. Starting now, sustainable businesses in the Upper Rhine region have the opportunity to.. read more


Adequate amendment of the EU VAT directive important to boost the circular economy responses to European Commission Public Consultation on the reform of VAT rates: calls for amendment of the EU VAT Directive 2006/112/EC to allow a low VAT rate for circular goods and.. read more


Sustainability 4.0

22.02.2017 · In: Circular Economy, Green Economy

written by André Reichel, Professor for Critical Management & Sustainable Development | Karlshochschule International University Sustainability 4.0 implies the empowered co-creation of prosumers in order to re-shape economy and society.. read more


Handout published: Green Economy and Sustainability

14.02.2017 · In: Entrepreneurship, Green Economy

What are the drivers and motives of eco-entrepreneurs? What are the challenges sustainable start-ups face? What are the right instruments for them to succeed? In a European-wide survey about the.. read more

Eu_Lab part of the European Ideas Lab 2017 in Brussels

06.02.2017 · In: Circular Economy, Green Economy

The European Ideas Lab, held in Brussels on February 3-5, 2017, was a huge success. Changemakers from across Europe came to meet Members of the European Green Party to exchange.. read more


First Global Forum on New Economy and Social Innovation (NESI) is now partner of the “New Economy & Social Innovation Global Forum” (NESI). It is an open forum for everyone interested on building together a more sustainable, social, fair,.. read more


Foundation for Circular Economy: welcomes new member from Hungary

Brussels/Budapest, November 24th 2016: Today, welcomes its latest member organization, the Foundation for Circular Economy (FCE), Hungary. It’s the first eastern European association represented in, giving the opportunity.. read more


ECO4CLIM16: From Paris to Marrakech with sustainable business solutions to climate change

On October 24-30, 2016, 22 cities from 16 countries hosted events during the 2016 Global Week of Green Business and the Climate Movement (#ECO4CLIM16), seeking to connect, promote and empower.. read more


Investing in sustainable start-ups: European Forum on Eco-innovation

04.11.2016 · In: Entrepreneurship, Green Economy

The 20th European Forum on Eco-innovation in Tallinn, Estonia, on 26-28 October 2016, was all about financing green SMEs and start-ups in Europe, bringing together public and private investors, sustainable.. read more

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Annual Report: Review of 2015 published

2015 was a very exciting year for, the newly founded European Sustainable Business Federation. It started off with the official founding press conference in Vienna, followed by workshops with.. read more